Sunday, January 17, 2016

Colossians One is Memorized

I can't believe that I actually did it! I completed memorizing my first chapter of Colossians! It feels great to have done it, but I hope to do more! Colossians one is just my first step in trying to memorize the entire New Testament. It has been great to see what memorizing God's word and reading it habitually has done for my overall familiarity with this book and the Bible and the Bible as a whole. One verse in particular that really stuck out to me at the end of Colossians one is verse 28 which says,  
"We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ." I have been thinking recently about my approach and my attention towards sharing the gospel. So often, I may become extremely convicted about preaching the gospel and then not do anything about it. In Romans 10, Paul, talking about his Jews and their state, asks how they will hear the gospel unless they have a minister. God has called me to be a minister and I want to answer to that call.

Several times, I have had the opportunity to share the gospel with co-workers while I am on break. Six different people have had the chance the hear the gospel, and I see each of them on a regular basis at work. Nonetheless, none of the them became saved at that moment or have changed their minds since. It can become very discouraging to hear this. As a believer, I want to see other rebels saved and made into new creations like myself, but this doesn't always and often will not happen. This is not to say that it never happens, though. In Luke when Jesus is hanging on the cross, one of the other victims becomes intrigued with this guy who is hanging on a tree and who has never done anything wrong. He calls out to God's Son and asks Him to remember his sinful self as Jesus goes back to his Kingdom in Heaven. This man believed, and as a result, Jesus tells him that he will be remembered. In fact, he will find himself in the very same place!

It is these kinds of miraculous stories that happened so long ago that keep me going. I want to see a man's eyes opened to the fact that he is a sinner in need of a savior and that the only savior worthy of his affection or attention is Jesus, the only Son of God! I do not need to become discouraged. Rather, I should become more encouraged. By sharing the gospel, I am obeying Christ! It is Satan who wants me to be discouraged so that he may keep me from sharing the gospel with others.

I have had the desire for the past while to become a PA (Physician's Assistant). It is pretty much a doctor's helper, if you will. In other countries, though, they are not viewed quite the same! In other countries, the learning and education that I receive in this kind of program is equivalent to a doctor in their eyes! As I have been thinking this over, it has amazed me! "Man," I thought, "I could do so much with this in another country. Just think," I continued, "I could share the gospel and heal people physically at the same time!" I could be a missionary doctor. For now, this is just an idea. I would be more than willing to go if the Lord called me! For now, I need to be a missionary where he has placed me--here. If I'm not sharing the gospel in my own country, why should I could halfway across the world to do just the same thing?

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